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The Goal Annual Wellness Visits with an Aging Population

Medicare's Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) goal is to decrease overall healthcare costs by prioritizing preventive health for all eligible Americans. Currently, thirty-eight (38) million Americans are 65 years and older. By 2050, the number of Americans 65 years and older will double.

Fewer Service Gaps
More Preventive Care

Patients who receive Medicare AWV's are more likely to receive preventive care services and have 30% fewer service gaps.

Beneficiaries Participate
LOW Participation

Despite the benefits, only an estimated 24% of eligible beneficiaries participated in AWV's in 2017.

Of Medicare Beneficiaries
Multiple Chronic Conditions

Two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries have multiple chronic conditions. Higher risk patients account for the majority of our nation's health care spending.

How DOES AWV Differ from An Annual Exam?

This animated video helps health care professionals understand the difference between an Initial Preventive Physical Exam (IPPE), AWV, and annual physical exams as well as their purpose, and the requirements when submitting claims for them..

What Exams are Covered By Medicare?

Initial Preventive Physical Exam (IPPE)

The "Welcome to Medicare" visit, or the IPPE, promotes good health through disease prevention and detection. A patient may have only one IPPE in their lifetime. In addition, the IPPE must occur within the first 12 months following the patient's Medicare Part B benefits eligibility date.

Annual WellNess Visit (AWV)

An initial AWV applies the first time a beneficiary receives an AWV. All Medicare Part B patients are eligible after the first 12 months of coverage and if a patient hasn't completed a IPPE visit in the past 12 months. 

Subsequent AWVs apply to all AWVs after a beneficiary’s initial AWV and no AWV in the past 12 months.

How Annual Wellness Visits Work


At Your Practice

Annual Wellness Visits must be delivered face-to-face by the provider. However, other staff can assist with pre-visit planning and screening.


With Well Living InitIative Support

The Well Living Initiative works directly with the patient in scheduling and gathering the needed data for an efficient patient visit. 

Annual Wellness Visit Benefits

Besides patients having a plan for their health and a roadmap of care guidelines to follow, utilizing the WLI solution, the estimated annual net revenue for 1000 Annual Wellness Visits completed in a year is $847,000.

Increases Overall Patient Satisfaction

In addition, patient experience and engagement increase.

Provides Opportunity for Value-Based Care

Complete screenings and immunizations.

Close Care Gaps

Enables medication reconciliation, care coordination, and effective management of complex patients.

IncreaseD Revenue for Your Practice

Medicare incentivizes practices to incorporate AWV by increasing the compensation for providing the associated services.

Our Services


Here's what your patients can expect with Well Living Initiative Annual Wellness Visit services. 

  • Your advocate will call to schedule IPPE, initial AWV, or regular AWV appointments.
  • Your advocate will conduct pre-visit planning & screening.


Here's what your practice can expect with Well Living Initiative Annual Wellness Visit services. 

  • More patients scheduling AWV appointments.
  • Efficient AWV exams with all pre-visit planning and screening completed and documented.
  • Your staff's workload is reduced with Well Living Initiative assuming responsibility for pre-visit planning and screening.
  • Reduction in disparities between AWV services among different ethnic groups.
  • Assistance with coding AWV visits.
  • Increased revenue through increasing patient participation.

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