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Meet Goals & Be Successful!

of Mergers or Acquisitions
Fail to Meet Shareholder Value

Success rates for a merger or acquisition often fall short of the goal and surveys show that 53% of M&As did not meet shareholder value.

Before you hire, acquire or enter into a merger, know your financial risks!

Whether you are hiring new providers, looking to acquire a physician practice or a potential merger, you need to know the revenue potential and risks associated with that decision.

Fi-Med Management created the Mergers & Acquisitions Value Assessment (MVA) program to ensure you have the information to make an informed decision. As a result, you'll know the revenue and risks associated with those decisions.

MVA analyzes the financial risk the organization would be making in the decision. MVA uses Fi-Med's proprietary Smart technology, revealMD. So whether it is Fee for Service or Value-based care, you have a comprehensive analysis of the revenue situation you would be taking on.

There is no software to install, EHR interfacing, or training required. Instead, Fi-Med performs the analysis and delivers a comprehensive report giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

How does Mergers & Acquisitions Value Assessment work?

Fee for Service

The analysis identifies revenues lost through coding. Use CMS comparable peer data or Fi-Med's national client database of hospitals to identify provider outliers and get answers to the following questions:

  • What are the organization's overall revenue loss and compliance/audit risks?
  • What is the revenue and risk by department or specialty?
  • What is the revenue and risk by provider? 
  • Which codes are contributing to compliance/ audit risk? 
Medicare Advantage / Value-Based Care

Our analysis looks for missing revenue opportunities in Medicare Advantage and Value-based care programs. Including:

  • HCC Coding Analysis: What are the codes used by providers that do not support Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) Scores and result in non-reimbursement? 
  • Gaps in Care Analysis: What are the gaps in care, and for which patients, potentially losing millions of dollars? 
  • Patient Not Yet Seen: Which patients have not yet been seen, and the organization needs to get them in to meet a provider?

Merger & Acquisitions Value Assessment Benefits

The Mergers & Acquisitions Value Assessment (MVA) delivers a comprehensive revenue and compliance/audit risk assessment of the target organization, enabling you to make the best merger or acquisition decision.

In addition, MVA provides addresses the majority of reasons why a merger or acquisition may fail to meet shareholder value.

Complete & Accurate Information

Get complete and accurate information regarding coding and billing practices of providers.

Tools to Obtain Essential information

Fi-Med's proprietary smart technology, revealMD, provides valid information which is normally is provided by the other organization without any means of validation.


The most common problem with a merger or acquisition is overpayment. Our information and tools to accurately assess the revenue potential that the organization would bring and ultimately, the true value of the merger or acquisition candidate.


Our Mergers & Acquisition Value Assessment assess both Fee for Service and Value-Based Care models.

Assessment of 100% of All Providers

Each provider is assessed on their coding practices.

Assessment of all Codes Submitted to All Payers

Billing is reviewed for coding issues.

Identifies Gaps in Care

Identifies Gaps in Care in all Seen and Unseen patients, looking for potential lost revenue.

Identifies Specialties with the highest potential revenue

Know which departments provide the most value.

Providers to focus on to Enhance Revenue

Know which providers bring the most revenue potential to the table.

Show Providers with no RAF Score

Know which providers need additional education to avoid lost revenues.

Comprehensive Value-Based Care Analysis

If applicable, a comprehensive Value-Based Care analysis is included.

Discussion with experts

Conversations with Fi-Med consultant and certified coding experts to discuss findings.

Comprehensive Review Analysis

Includes all deliverables & recommendations.

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