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Make New Provider Hiring Easy!

In Your Hiring Decisions

Just looking at medical credentials and employment history is not enough; you need to know the financial impact the provider will have on your organization.

Before Competing for scarce provider resources, Know Which Provider has the most Potential value!

Human Resources often do not have the tools or services to provide a comprehensive financial impact assessment of a provider candidate looking at things such as:

  • Does the provider have any legal issues or Medicare exclusions?
  • What is the provider’s coding history? Are they leaving money on the table because of coding practices?
  • Will the provider create potential compliance/audit risk to the organization?
  • How does the provider map against the Harvard RUC time study that could indicate potential legal risk?
  • Does the provider effectively code Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) Scores for Medicare Advantage and Value-based Care Plans? Or are they losing reimbursements because they use codes with no RAF Score, even though the clinical documentation supports it?

How does A New Provider Hire Assessment work?

Our Process

Using Fi-Med's exclusive propriety Smart Technology, revealMD, Fi-Med-certified coding professionals review the provider's coding history to provide insight into the revenue and risk associated with the hire.

  • Is the provider under coding or down coding to avoid a potential audit situation and losing out on reimbursements?
  • Is the provider over coding and placing their organization at Compliance/Audit risk?
  • What are the provider's coding patterns, codes, use of modifiers, etc.?
  • Using the CMS database, we assess how the provider stacks up to their peers nationally. 
  • Looking at HCC coding, we assess whether the provider uses codes with RAF scores appropriately.

The Results

You receive a comprehensive analysis of a provider to determine the financial strengths and weaknesses in bringing the provider into your organization.

You have a solid foundation of information from which to answer the questions:

  • Is the provider going to bring Compliance/Audit risk to the organization?
  • Is the provider going to make a solid revenue contribution to the organization?

new Provider Hire Assessment Benefits

The New Provider Hire Assessment provides concrete information to know the impact a provider will have on your organization and give you 100% confidence in your hiring decisions.

Complete & Accurate Information

Get complete and accurate information regarding coding and billing practices of provider.

Tools to Obtain Essential information

Fi-Med's proprietary smart technology, revealMD, provides valid information which is normally difficult for Human Resources to obtain.

KNOW How to Mitigate Risks & Maximize Revenue Potential

Know what counseling and education will be needed to mitigate potential compliance/audit risk and have the provider make a positive revenue contribution.


Financial Assessessment of a Provider

Human Resources will have strong financial information to make decisions much easier.

Assessment of Provider's Coding History

Know the provider's current revenue value and how to maximize it based on past experience.

Identification of Potential Compliance/Audit Risk

Know the provider's current compliance/audit risk and how to minimize it.

Indicators of a Provider's Revenue Contribution

Know what revenue contributions are likely without additional counseling and education.


Know how the provider compares against their peers nationally.

RAF Score Assessment

Know if there may be issues with collecting reimbursements.

Additional Assessments

Assess the provider against the Harvard RUC time study.

What Are You Waiting For? Make a real change Now!