A New Partnership: Empowering Practices through Chronic Care Management Collaboration

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Chronic Care Management (CCM) coordinates and oversees care for patients with chronic conditions. It is a patient-centered approach that involves the entire care team, including primary care providers, specialists, pharmacists, and other community resources. CCM improves health outcomes and reduces costs, but it can be challenging to implement in busy healthcare practices.

A new partnership between Fi-Med Management, Inc. and ModuleMD aims to help practices overcome these challenges by providing seamless bi-directional integration between Well Living Initiative’s (WLI) internal Chronic Care Management (CCM) platform and the ModuleMD Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) system. This innovative new partnership will empower practices to provide better care for patients with chronic conditions.

Healthcare System Stresses Jeopardize Quality Care

Healthcare systems today are under enormous stress from rising demand for services combined with limited resources. This precarious state makes it increasingly challenging to provide quality care. This stress affects every aspect of the healthcare industry, from providers to payers and patients, creating a whirlwind of challenges that must be solved quickly and efficiently. In addition, changing regulations, new technology advances, and financial pressures are transforming the healthcare landscape at an unprecedented rate.

Consequently, healthcare organizations must stay ahead by seeking out-of-the-box solutions to navigate these challenges effectively. With such innovative solutions, organizations can remain competitive while providing the highest level of care possible despite the overwhelming pressure on the current healthcare system.

CCM Offers Many Benefits for Both Patients and Practices

Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) program is an excellent way for practitioners to provide much-needed services for patients with chronic conditions. In addition, the program provides care coordination and patient education, which are essential to delivering quality care. 

This program ensures that patients receive the support and resources they need to manage their chronic healthcare conditions and stay on track with their care plans. In addition, addressing social determinants of health avoids adverse health outcomes.

For the practices, CCM also offers benefits such as payment for non-face-to-face time spent coordinating care and increased revenue generation. These benefits can lessen the administrative burdens of providing high-quality patient care cost-effectively. 

Chronic Care Management Can Be Challenging To Implement

Implementing Chronic Care Management plans can be an arduous and complex process. Most medical practitioners have limited resources (especially time), making it challenging to meet the patient’s individual needs. 

Additionally, healthcare organizations must comply with government regulations when implementing a chronic care management program. For this reason, it’s essential for practitioners to partner with an organization that knows how to implement and manage a long-term practice initiative successfully. 

An experienced partner can help streamline the program’s implementation, ensure compliance, and verify that providers are utilizing best practice models. For example, Fi-Med’s Chronic Care Management service enables you to offload large portions of the service to their team and improve care quality by extending your practice beyond its walls without increasing your workload.

Extend Your Practice Without Increasing Your Workload

Fi-Med’s Well Living Initiative focuses on helping patients adhere to their care plans and feel supported throughout their medical journey, emphasizing the human connection. That’s why our Chronic Care Management service focuses on enhancing the personal relationship between patients and care providers by finding resources tailored to the patient’s unique social determinants of health. A compassionate support system is developed through regular, personalized check-ins, improving the overall quality of care and outcomes. 

Our CCM service is a game changer for the Chronic Care Management industry and practices wishing to implement the service. All that is required is a few minor changes in workflow, and Fi-Med’s expert team of professionals offloads the majority of care from your staff.

The Fi-Med and ModuleMD Partnership Takes Chronic Care Management to the Next Level

The collaboration between Fi-Med and ModuleMD marks an exciting new development in the field, enabling provider practices to connect Well Living Initiative’s (WLI) internal CCM platform with ModuleMD’s ONC-Certified EHR Software. With this integration, healthcare organizations can take advantage of comprehensive care coordination and chronic care management services made readily available through seamless bi-directional communication between the two systems. In addition, this savvy pairing will bring enormous benefits to patients as they access better care and providers with enriched tools to offer superior services. 

“Fi-Med has always worked closely with practices to improve patient care and provider-patient communications. We knew this partnership would enhance patient care for practices using the ModuleMD EHR. This partnership delivers a true extension of the practice, minimizing interruptions in their daily workflow and enabling the practice and their patients to achieve the advantages of this valuable CMS program.”

Christine Krause, COO Fi-Med Management, Inc.

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field, and with the help of our services and support, delivering optimal care to patients has become simpler than ever. By joining forces, we have created effective solutions for chronic condition management that allow healthcare practices to reduce their workloads further while widening the scope of reach they provide to their patients. In addition, our comprehensive services make preventive care more accessible and enable healthcare providers to focus on what is important: providing quality medical treatment explicitly tailored to their patient’s needs. With our help, the future of health looks even brighter!

“As part of our 2023 initiatives, we knew it would be important to provide opportunities for medical providers to expand their practices with much-needed service extensions while maintaining efficiency in daily operations. This partnership will allow Well Living Initiative to provide Chronic Care Management services as a true extension of the medical practice and streamline operations for better care coordination and improve patient care.”

Abhinay Penugonda, CEO at ModuleMD

Contact us to talk about adding our Well Living Initiative Chronic Care Management service to your practice today!

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