Fi-Med Management Announces revealMD RAF

We announced today the launch of our new data analytics tool, revealMD RAF. This cloud-based analytics application is specifically designed for organizations transitioning from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Care. In just four clicks, the tool can discover all gaps in the commonly used Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding—with corresponding revenue potential. Results include improved efficiencies, effectiveness, patient care outcomes, and revenue growth.

revealMD RAF represents our latest innovation, as part of the revealMD suite of offerings developed to assist hospital systems, ACOs, and medical groups in understanding and addressing revenue opportunities. revealMD RAF is designed to enable healthcare organizations to review 100% of their Provider/Patient data immediately and quickly identify the gaps in care with just a few clicks. It saves time and resources by quickly identifying coding outliers so they can spend time training and monitoring Providers to reinforce documentation.

“revealMD RAF was developed in partnership with our healthcare clients to provide a way to address their risk-based contracts. Value-based care is the future, and we see healthcare organizations struggling to find where they can take action to support their revenue goals. That’s what we have achieved with revealMD RAF.”

Adrian Velasquez, President and CEO at Fi-Med Management, Inc.

As a healthcare support and management industry leader, Fi-Med provides patient care services with our Well Living Initiative division, and account receivables management, credentialing, coding, chart review, education, lockbox, and other financial management and reporting services to healthcare organizations nationwide.

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