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Working with Fi-Med is easy. Our team is ready to discuss your organization's pain points and develop a personalized solution for you. Let's get started today!


Reach out via phone or email. Let us know what problems you are facing in your organization or what services you are interested in discussing.


We will listen to your needs, provide additional information and demonstrations, participate in Q & A sessions, and strategize with you on solutions.


At the conclusion of our discussions, we will provide a thoughtfully crafted proposal of customized deliverables to meet your organization's needs. 


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What our Clients Say

Chief Financial Officer

UAB Medicine/UAB Health System - CPA, CHC

When we initially began reviewing the revealMD application, it was strictly from a compliance standpoint. We quickly learned that the tool can be used equally from a compliance and a financial perspective. I have been in compliance a long time and I truly believe revealMD is a "game changing" tool that can help our hospital system mitigate its compliance risk and at the same time help identify financial opportunities. In today's health care environment, having the ability to do both through data analytics is critical to the success of an organization.


Administrator, Rappahonnick Family Practice

Prior to implementing Transitional Care Management our practice had a 10% readmission rate.  Today, thanks to your proactive management of these services our readmission rate has dropped to 2-3%.

A Patient

Dr. Campos

I haven’t eaten in 3 days, thank you for hooking me up with the Meals on Wheels program. It is great to see that my doctor cares about me and connected us together.

Warren McIver, DPM

McIver Foot Clinic, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

Since 2010 or '11, Fi-Med Management, Inc. has been doing my podiatry practice billing. I'm so pleased to have found them because their team is easy to work with, providing a great process. The affordability, accountability, and reliability delivered by the group are outstanding.

Dr. Allen Kaufman, MD

Nephrologist, New York, NY

The people at Fi-Med are consummate professionals. Their customized services are head and shoulders above the rest.

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