Reveal Risk & Revenue Opportunities in Just 4 Clicks

With revealMD Compliance, you can review and analyze thousands of procedure codes and modifiers in a matter of seconds to quickly identify areas of risk and revenue potential.


Arms stakeholders with the detailed information they need to perform an intervention, close documentation gaps, provide physician education and avoid millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Revolutionary software with Game-Changing Results
  • A secure, cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant solution
  • Implementation in under two hours with nothing to install or maintain
  • Easy-to-use platform with virtually no learning curve
  • Intuitive dashboard that makes risk and revenue potential clear at a glance
  • Identify risk and revenue opportunities in just 4 clicks
  • Save valuable time without the need for arduous, incomplete spreadsheets
  • Make informed evidence based plans for auditing and physician education
  • Gain trend tracking insights over time to see if providers are becoming more or less compliant after education and training in documentation and coding


In just 4 clicks, revealMD gives you real-time data that identifies provider statistical outliers, so you can create an informed action plan that focuses on the providers and codes that will make the biggest impact.

See the big picture – revealMD Compliance turns large amounts of data into actionable insights, within seconds so you can pinpoint areas of risk and revenue opportunities at a glance.

Focus your attention – Using the same criteria as CMS and insurance carriers, revealMD Compliance identifies which statistical outliers are most likely to be audited and why.

Understand provider distribution – revealMD Compliance takes your non-PHI claims data and compares it against peers nationally.

Learn where to focus your efforts – We help you quickly and easily understand areas of risk and revenue potential to create an informed plan.


Leaving compliance concerns unaddressed poses several financial risks:

  • Costly CMS paybacks for incorrectly documented service
  • Corporate integrity agreement that could impact Medicare eligibility
  • Extensive fraud fines and negative PR

What Our Customers are saying

I find it easy to navigate and the layout allows for easy interpretation of the data. I’m sure I’ve only looked at the tip of the iceberg, looking forward to seeing what more it can do.

The beauty of revealMD is its simplicity and the speed in which you can see a provider’s pattern

Twice this week, I’ve had the opportunity to show off revealMD. The executives involved in contract renewal negotiations have been very impressed with what I can produce for them very quickly. Always nice when you get the opportunity to wow someone in the C-suite!

When we initially began reviewing the REVEAL application, it was strictly from a compliance standpoint. We quickly learned that the tool can be used equally from a compliance and a financial perspective. I have been in compliance a long time and I truly believe REVEAL is a “game changing” tool that can help our hospital system mitigate its compliance risk and at the same time help identify financial opportunities. In today’s health care environment, having the ability to do both through data analytics is critical to the success of an organization.

A Case Study

A new client analyzed its 152 providers for the past year using revealMD and discovered they had undercoded by $2,734,328. In addition to impacting revenue, the outliers exposed the organization to significant audit risks.

Utilizing revealMD for one year, our client took action and educated their providers to improve their coding and documentation, ultimately reducing compliance risks and improving realized revenue for the same group!

Results: One Year LATER

Fewer Outliers

Based on data from revealMD, 51% of providers met or exceeded their goal of being a non-outlier in undercoding.

Improved coding

Based on data from revealMD, 73% of providers improved their documentation and coding practices.

Compliance Increased and $ 1000 Additional Revenue!
More Revenue

Utilizing revealMD, the same group of 152 providers realized $1,490,474 more revenue than the previous year.

Check Out revealMD RAF

revealMD RAF, the other product in the revealMD suite, was developed to identify gaps in care to help prevent the loss of millions in potential revenue – all within just 4 clicks.


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