Fi-Med Management Announces Three New Revenue and Risk Assessment Services

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Fi-Med Management Inc., released a press release announcing three new services:

“These services evolved from the work we are doing with hospital systems and consulting partners. With the reduction in revenues, staffing challenges that put a strain on a healthcare organization’s ability to find lost revenue, we saw the need to provide services that enabled them to quickly focus on fixing the problem and not search for revenue and risk challenges.” 

Adrian Velasquez, CEO Fi-Med Management, Inc.

The services are delivered using Fi-Med’s proprietary revealMD technology and include the following:

Revenue Value Assessment (RVA)

RVA delivers a comprehensive revenue analysis of the organization’s revenues based on provider coding. RVA saves significant time for CDI/coding teams. They are not spending time looking for lost revenues but have the information to correct their revenue situation. RVA supports revenue analysis for both Fee for Service and Value-based care.

Fee for Service – Analyzes provider Undercoding that losses an organization revenue.

Value-based Care – Provides valuable analysis such as codes used by providers where there is no Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score, patients with gaps in care that if not addressed will lead to a revenue loss, and patients that have not yet been seen and need to meet with a provider.

Audit Risk Assessment

ARA provides a comprehensive compliance/audit analysis at an organization level, specialty, and provider level, letting the organization know where provider coding is positioning the organization at compliance/audit risk for both Fee for Service and Value-based care. ARA enables CDI/Coding teams to have the information they need to assess clinical documentation to see if it supports the coding.

Mergers & Acquisitions Value Assessment (MVA)

MVA enables healthcare organizations to assess the revenue and risk in either hiring new providers, acquiring a practice or hospital, or a potential merger with another healthcare organization. It is a valuable due diligence step for any organization hiring, acquiring, or looking at a potential merger.

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