revealMD RAF

Identify HCC GAPS With Revenue Potential in Just 4 Clicks

revealMD RAF is an advanced analytic tool built to quickly identify missed opportunities in diagnosis coding and meet your Value-Based Care Models to improve revenue, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.


Using proprietary algorithms, revealMD RAF helps value-based providers maximize their financial performance by improving RAF scores, HCC scores, and physician education. In seconds, analyze all of the coding activity for all of your providers to identify gaps in care and prevent the loss of millions in potential revenue.

Revolutionary software with Game-Changing Results
  • A secure, cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant solution
  • Implementation in under two hours with nothing to install or maintain
  • Easy-to-use platform with virtually no learning curve
  • Intuitive dashboard that makes risk and revenue potential clear at a glance
  • Identify risk and revenue opportunities in just 4 clicks
  • Save valuable time without the need for arduous, incomplete spreadsheets
  • Make informed evidence based plans for auditing and physician education
  • Gain trend tracking insights over time to see if providers are becoming more or less compliant after education and training in documentation and coding

IMPROVE RAF Scores and Identify Missing HCC Coding in Seconds

See your entire organization at a glance to evaluate provider coding patterns to instantly identify areas to prevent the loss of millions in potential revenue in just 4 clicks.

Get a complete snapshot in seconds – revealMD RAF lets you view your entire organization at a glance to instantly identify patients with an HCC Gap by percent and potential reimbursement value.

Instantly understand opportunities – At an organization or specialty level, revealMD RAF gives you a snapshot of the total HCC Gap opportunity.

Learn where to focus efforts – revealMD RAF scores each provider’s HCC Gaps against a competitive benchmark, total reimbursement opportunity, and reimbursements opportunity per patient.

Get the details you need – Highlight which physicians and patients are statistical outliers, as filtered by HCC code, group, specialty, doctor, and/or care recipient.


There are financial differences in coding specificity. Inaccurate or incomplete coding can cause lower RAF scores, resulting in less money to care for the patient and a financial loss for the medical group and risk-based plan. Causes for low RAF scores can include:

  • Chronic conditions that were billed last year but have not been billed this year
  • Use of non-specific ICD10 codes, where coding with greater specificity will carry risk weight
  • Failure to code certain chronic conditions despite meeting diagnostic criteria

What Our Customers are saying

I find it easy to navigate and the layout allows for easy interpretation of the data. I’m sure I’ve only looked at the tip of the iceberg, looking forward to seeing what more it can do.

The beauty of revealMD is its simplicity and the speed in which you can see a provider’s pattern

Twice this week, I’ve had the opportunity to show off revealMD. The executives involved in contract renewal negotiations have been very impressed with what I can produce for them very quickly. Always nice when you get the opportunity to wow someone in the C-suite!

When we initially began reviewing the REVEAL application, it was strictly from a compliance standpoint. We quickly learned that the tool can be used equally from a compliance and a financial perspective. I have been in compliance a long time and I truly believe REVEAL is a “game changing” tool that can help our hospital system mitigate its compliance risk and at the same time help identify financial opportunities. In today’s health care environment, having the ability to do both through data analytics is critical to the success of an organization.

A Success Story

One full-time Coding/Compliance Analyst for a healthcare organization with 140 providers focused on internal medicine and family practice used revealMD RAF and found, educated, and closed gaps in care totaling $19.6 million in a six-month period compared to the previous year.

Compliance Increased and $ 1 Million Increased revenue & improved patient care!

Another success Story

Before using revealMD RAF, one Compliance/Auditor expert in a hospital took four hours to find and prepare ten patients with gaps in care using their EHR. The revealMD suite of tools helps you get data faster, giving you a complete snapshot of all provider risks and lost revenue in seconds. This helps you more effectively and accurately manage compliance and profitability, making it easier for you and your providers.

With revealMD RAF, the same Compliance/Auditor expert in the same hospital can now effortlessly view all 700 providers and swiftly identify 10 patients with gaps in care in just 30 minutes. This remarkable tool eliminates the need to use the EHR for gap identification, saving a staggering 3.5 hours of time. This translates to a time savings of 87.50% and an astounding 800% improvement in productivity. With revealMD RAF, you can now manage compliance with unparalleled speed and accuracy, providing you with a sense of confidence and security in your operations.

Time Savings
Time Savings

Get more data faster. Eliminate the use of EHR for gap identification and let the software identify the patients with the most significant gaps in care.

Productivity Increase
Increase Productivity

With revealMD RAF doing the heavy lifting, a single Compliance/Auditor expert can focus on provider education and closing gaps in care to increase revenues and reduce audit risks.

Check Out revealMD Compliance

revealMD Compliance, the other tool in the revealMD suite, instantly identifies which statistical outliers are most likely to be audited and why, helping you reduce audit risk and maximize financial performance.


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